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Linux Malware Samples

It can be difficult to source ELF binaries and various kinds of linux malware samples, but rest assured we are up to the challenge. We've been asked to provide a separate feed of linux binaries by several people, so in response to that request the feed is now available upon request.

Some of the malware families we see on a regular basis and include in a daily archive include categories like:

  • Mirai

  • Crypto Miners

  • PNScan

  • Gafgyt

  • Ransomware / GonnaCry

  • DDOS Tools

  • APT

  • Turla

  • Many More!

Look no further than! We specialize in many kinds of malware categories, including but not limited to Linux Malware.

We have also made a small archive available on GitHub for those that just want to research what is out there in-the-wild and don't require a fresh updated daily feed.

You can visit that static repository here:

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