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Macos Malware Samples

Similar to our last post regarding other platforms, mac malware is in a league of its own. As a macOS user I'm thankful that there hasn't been as much malware seen on this platform as there has on Windows, but over the years this has been slowly changing. Apple certainly has done a good job of keeping out the majority of malware and viruses, but the platform is not without its share of trouble as well. Although there is more Mobile malware (android in particular) than what we find in the wild for OSX on Macs, it still is a fair amount.

We have archived off the most recent viruses we've seen that affect the Apple platform in the hopes of helping researchers, students, and reverse engineers alike in having a broader base of files to work from when combatting the scourge that is Mac Malware.

Some of the malware families we see on a regular basis and include in a daily archive include categories like:

  • FileCoder

  • EvilQuest

  • Adware

  • iMyMac

  • Adload

  • Mac Miner

  • OSX.Agent

  • Mac Agent

  • Many More!

Look no further than! We specialize in many kinds of malware categories, including but not limited to Apple or Mac Malware.

We have also made a small archive available on GitHub for those that just want to research what is out there in-the-wild and don't require a fresh updated daily feed.

You can visit that static repository here:

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